FoneMonitor iOS Tracker

FoneMonitor makes secret iOS tracking easy and possible for anyone.

Find out how to track an Android phone instead.

FoneMonitor can track any iOS device secretly without installing any app on it or without even the need to touch it at all. Here's how it happens:

Part One: Prerequisites to Track an iOS Device

FoneMonitor account with iOS subscription

Gives you access to FoneMonitor dashboard where all its features are available

iCloud Login Credentials of Target User

iCloud credentials make it possible to track their device without touching it.

Part Two: How to Track an iOS Device Secretly

In order to track any iOS device, you can follow this two step process:

1. Create a FoneMonitor account and configure it for iOS devices.
2. Use your FoneMonitor dashboard to track any iOS device secretly.

Here is an explanation for the steps mentioned above:

Step 1. Having a FoneMonitor account

FoneMonitor account is quite important to use its features. You can create an account completely free through the 'Sign Up' button present on the top right corner of the dashboard. You can create an account using your email address and choosing any password. You can then get a FoneMonitor subscription for iOS devices

Step 2. Configure FoneMonitor

After you have the iOS subscription plan, you will be taken to the setup page for configuring FoneMonitor. This page can also be accessed through the 'Start Monitoring' button in the confirmation email you get.

select iphone to track

2. During configuration, verify the iCloud credentials of the target device. This makes it possible to track an iOS device without touching it. However, make sure that you have the following things got right:

1. 'iCloud backup' feature is turned on the target iOS device.
2. Two factor authentication is disabled on their phone.
track iphone icloud backup

3. Choose the correct iOS device linked to the iCloud credentials, as there can be multiple.

select which iphone to track

4. You can now track the target device right away. Click on the 'Start' button to access your FoneMonitor dashboard. You can also load this dashboard at any time later by signing into your FoneMonitor account through the FoneMonitor website.

finish tracking someone's iPhone

Part Three: FoneMonitor's features include (but aren't limited to):