Remote Location Tracker

Track Any Device Location Secretly

FoneMonitor works from any computer, phone, or tablet to give you a device's location.

FoneMonitor comes loaded with tracking features you do not want to miss:

  • Find out the accurate location of a user down to the last meter.
  • Check all the places they have visited in the past at any time.
  • Choose variety of views, such as street view, 3D view, etc.

Secret Location Tracking in 3 Simple Steps

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Configure FoneMonitor using the instructions mentioned on the screen.

Track cell phone location

Get Wi-Fi or GPS data in real time off of a device.

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track location with FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor's Unparalleled Location Tracking Service

Your phone's play store or app store is probably full of apps to track a phone location. However, all of these apps are useless when you want to track a phone location secretly. This is when you need to use FoneMonitor's secret location tracker, which just needs a two minute setup.

Once you have configured FoneMonitor, you can track the live location of the target phone at any time using the 'Locations' tab in the dashboard. It also shows you the recent locations of the user.

FoneMonitor is fully integrated with the Google Maps platform. Google maps stores the entire location activity of a user. FoneMonitor uses this to reveal to you all the places that they have visited in the past.

Every location comes with added data such as the location coordinates, the data of visit, visit frequency, and more. You can also sort the locations on various filters like most visited, last visited, etc.

Why People Use Location Tracking?

Children have to go to school, hang out with their friends, and probably a lot of other activities that involve them being away from home. This leads parents to worry if their children are safe in the outside world.

You cannot follow your children around all day. Not only this is impractical and unfeasible, it can also make your child feel their privacy is violated. This is why parents use FoneMonitor's location tracker- it can give your child's live location and recent locations without them knowing.

Even employees make use of FoneMonitor's location tracker in order to protect their business. FoneMonitor's location tracker can show if any employee is not where they are supposed to be, especially during work hours. Additionally, employers can find out if their employees are visiting competitor companies as it is never good for a business.

FoneMonitor's location tracker even assists in finding the location of a lost phone. In case someone steals a phone, they cannot find 'FoneMonitor' app on it because it is completely hidden. This can trace even a stolen phone location instantly.

FoneMonitor's stealth design and its easy to use interface make it the perfect location tracker. Try it out today!

No Need to Root or Jailbreak

FoneMonitor makes sure that you do not have to root or jailbreak someone's phone in order to view their locations. There are not many 'secret' location trackers that can accomplish this.

Hidden Location Tracking Without Them Knowing

The best thing about FoneMonitor is that it is created entirely keeping in mind the idea of stealth. When you are tracking someone's location using FoneMonitor, there is no chance of that user ever finding out about it.

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