Access All Facebook Messages Remotely

Secret Facebook Monitoring Application

FoneMonitor reveals to you all their Facebook conversations and media.

It also shows the people they chat with on Facebook.:

  • Look at their private Facebook chats
  • View all media files they send or receive.
  • See their Facebook friends who they contact.

Facebook Spying in 3 Simple Steps

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Create a FoneMonitor account with a subscription.


FoneMonitor's on-screen guide will help you through configuration.

View Facebook Messages.

View private Facebook chats and pictures through FoneMonitor's dashboard.

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Unparalleled Facebook Monitoring Features

There is hardly any app that can do as much as FoneMonitor when it comes to reading someone's private Facebook messages. FoneMonitor gives you access to your own dashboard where all the private Facebook chats of the target user all visible.

Once you have a FoneMonitor account, you can follow the on-screen instructions to setup FoneMonitor. After that, you can use the Facebook monitor through the 'Facebook' section under 'Social Media Apps' tab on the dashboard.

With FoneMonitor, you get as much access to their private data as the account owner themselves have. This means that you can see every little thing, from their messages to their pictures (sent and received), not to forget the Facebook profile of the people they talk to

All Facebook messages come with timestamps to give you a deeper insight. Even if a person deleted their Facebook chats or messages, you can still see those through FoneMonitor.

Facebook spy

Never Underestimate Facebook Tracking

Facebook might have your friends and family, but it is also full of online predators and criminals. It is vital to protect your interests from these people. FoneMonitor provides the perfect layer of protection.

Facebook Spying Without Root or Jailbreak

When you try searching for a phone monitoring solution, all apps require you to root or jailbreak the target device. However, FoneMonitor makes no such demand. it can work remotely without needing to alter a phone's integrity in any way.

Hidden Facebook Spying

FoneMonitor places special emphasis on the hidden mode, which means that the target user will never know you are reading their Facebook chats in real-time. FoneMonitor has a high-tech design built around stealth, in order to keep you safe from trouble

Employees' Facebook Monitoring

People have this habit of using Facebook while working. This leads to them slacking off and decreasing productivity. FoneMonitor helps you in finding out which employees are actually on the job at hand.

You can also know if any employee is in touch with competitor companies behind your back. This helps in preventing disaster before it is too late.

Monitor Your Child's Facebook Account

The advice 'Stay away from strangers' does not help on Facebook, as the platform is full of online predators and people looking to take advantage of your child's innocence. This is why you need FoneMonitor's Facebook monitor, so you can check if your child is actually safe on Facebook

Your child might give their personal contact information to a stranger or share inappropriate pictures with them. There are times where they might even slip out your credit card information. Use Facebook Monitor to know if any of this is happening and prevent it.

Countless people have switched to FoneMonitor already. If you worry about your child's safety, you should too!

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