Track and Monitor Calls with FoneMonitor

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FoneMonitor shows you the call logs of all the incoming and outgoing calls on their number. You can also check additional data such as timestamps, caller ID, and more.

If you want a deeper insight about someone, their call logs are the best place to start. Want to go a step ahead? Try recording their phone calls with FoneMonitor.

  • Record every phone call they make or receive on their number.
  • Check call logs in real-time, along with caller ID and timestamps.
  • Hidden mode makes sure you do not get caught listening someone's calls..
  • No need to root or jailbreak their phone to monitor their calls.

Call Tracking in 3 Simple Steps

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Signup for FoneMonitor and get a plan for target phone- Android or iOS.


Follow FoneMonitor's instructions to configure it for the target phone.

Track Calls

FoneMonitor redirects you to your dashboard where you can monitor calls.

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Phone Call Tracking Has Never Been This Easy

All the features of FoneMonitor are available through its dashboard. You can access this dashboard once you have a FoneMonitor account configured.

The Call Tracker feature of FoneMonitor can be found under the 'Calls' tab on the left hand side of the dashboard. All their call log data is available here along with details like caller ID, call duration, and timestamps.

Browsing Call Logs

FoneMonitor shows you each and every call that the user has made or received. You can choose how many call logs to display per page. Additionally, the call logs can be sorted based on most frequented, recently called, call duration, etc.

Call monitoring is a feature that is much needed and a lot of people ask for it. It comes in handy to protect our loved ones and in making sure they are loyal and truthful. Especially when it comes to our children, FoneMonitor shows us who they interact with.

view call logs
  • Call monitoring comes in handy not just for monitoring family, but also for keeping an eye on your employees. Call logs of your employees can show if they talk on phone during work hours, or if they are talking to your competitors behind your back.
  • This is why millions of people regularly use FoneMonitor's Call Tracker online. It is designed in a simple and efficient way so you do not require any technical know-how to operate it.
  • FoneMonitor works ten out of ten times, so there is no risk or chance of unreliability. All you need is to spend a couple of minutes to set it up for the first time and you are good to go forever.

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