FoneMonitor's iPhone Spy Features (No Jailbreak)

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Spy on an iPhone Without Touching It

Create FoneMonitor Account

Sign up for FoneMonitor with an iOS subscription plan.

Configure FoneMonitor

Provide the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone.

Spy on the iPhone

Use your FoneMonitor dashboard to view their entire iPhone data.

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FoneMonitor Keeps Your Loved Ones Safe

iphone spy app for parents
Monitor Your Children

FoneMonitor is created so parents can create a safety layer for their children online. With so many features, parents can find out about each and every thing that their child does online through a single dashboard.

The internet has its benefits, but these benefits come with the risk of a lot of perils. FoneMonitor makes sure that your child can enjoy the benefits while keeping any harm out of the way.

Monitor Your Employees

Employers are a major portion of FoneMonitor's users. It is important to keep eyes on the employees' phones to make sure they are loyal to their work and their company. After all, even little company secrets getting out can cause huge chunk of losses.

This is why FoneMonitor is quite essential for employers. Employers can use it to track their office as well as their field employees. They can know where their employees are and what they are doing.

iphone spy app for emplyors

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