Browser History Tracking

Track Website History

Check the details of any website they visited from their device:

Find out their entire browser history

  • Learn about the websites they have bookmarked.
  • Check mini-description of each website.
  • Learn additional details like visit time and frequency.

Track Website History in 3 Simple Steps


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Track History

Use FoneMonitor dashboard to find out about their entire browser history.

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Access Browser History With a Click

Once you have followed the above steps, you get complete access to FoneMonitor's features, which includes the Browser History monitor. You can track their entire history through the 'Browser History' tab on the left hand side of the dashboard.

The list of all the websites they have visited will be available on this page. You can choose to sort the details in any way you like, such as by visit time, visit frequency, bookmarks, or anything else.

Browser History monitor also tells you about a lot of other things such as when was the last time they visited the website. You can also check a mini-description of the website directly on your FoneMonitor dashboard.

You can archive the history logs or download them for viewing later. Even if they clear their browser history often, you can still view it through your FoneMonitor dashboard.

The entire interface works in real-time. This means that even if the user is surfing the internet right now, you can still view the websites they are visiting right away. You can refresh the history data using the 'Refresh' button over the dashboard.

browser history

Browser History Will Reveal All Their Secrets

You can learn a lot about a person just through their browser history. You can find out what they like, what they are into, and what kind of websites they visit. This is quite helpful no matter who you are.

Parents can find out if their kids visit any wrong websites on the internet. More importantly, parents can block a child's access to any of these wrong and inappropriate websites.

While internet has its benefits, it can be quite unsafe for children at the same time. After all, who hasn't heard of things like the blue whale challenge. With FoneMonitor, you can make sure that your child is safe from everything.

The best part is that you do not have to keep an eye on their phone 24x7. You can simply configure FoneMonitor and it will do the tracking for you, even when you are busy. Try it out today!

Monitor History Without Root or Jailbreak

There are not many apps that are able to accomplish browser history monitoring. However, FoneMonitor can do it quite easily without any added requirements at all. There is not even the need to root or jailbreak the target device.

Browser History Tracking While Being Hidden

FoneMonitor is focussed on stealth above everything else. This makes sure that you can track all their data while being assured that they will not know about it. This allows for safe and secret browser history monitoring.

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