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FoneMonitor Viber Spy App

View all their Viber messages online.

Learn about every little thing they do on their Viber account:

  • Check all the sent and received messages on Viber.
  • View all the media files that they share on Viber.
  • Check any messages that they deleted or unsent.
  • Learn about the people and groups added on their Viber account.

Spy on Viber With 3 Simple Steps


Signup for a free FoneMonitor account.


Setup FoneMonitor using the instructions present on the screen.

Spy on Viber

Use FoneMonitor's dashboard to read anyone's Viber messages

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Protect Your Kids With Viber Spying

Since Viber is so popular, most children have a Viber account nowadays. This is why it is important to learn what your child is doing on Viber. Use FoneMonitor to find that out in very simple steps.

You can read all the sent and received messages of your children. This even includes the media files that they share on Viber. If they are making video calls to any user, you can know about that too.

Countless parents across the globe have adopted FoneMonitor to learn about the Viber activities of their children. If you are a concerned parent worried about your child's well-being, use FoneMonitor right away!

Sign up for FoneMonitor now and learn what they do on Viber!

Spy on Anyone's Viber Account

With FoneMonitor, you can get instant access to anyone's private Snapchat messages from any device. All you need to do is spend a minute or two for configuring FoneMonitor just for the first time.

After configuration, you get access to FoneMonitor's dashboard where all of its features are available. The Viber Spy is available under the tab titled 'Social Media Apps'.

All Viber chats are sorted based on conversations. You can also view the people they chat with along with the timestamps and other details of the messages.

No Need to Root or Jailbreak

FoneMonitor's next gen design allows you to use all of its features without the need to root or jailbreak the target device. This is quite a helpful feature as it eliminates a lot of unnecessary steps.

Secret Viber Spying App

When you are using FoneMonitor to spy on someone's phone, there is no chance that they will find out about it. This is because FoneMonitor has created a stealth solution for both- Android phones and iPhones uniquely.

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