Instagram Monitoring Made Easy

Instagram Tracking App

Check all their private Instagram conversations

View all their sent and received Instagram messages.

  • See their private Instagram friends and contacts.
  • Check their followers and the people they follow.
  • View the pictures and videos they share in messages.

Instagram Spying in 3 Simple Steps

Signup for FoneMonitor

Create a FoneMonitor account and get a subscription plan.

Configure FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor requires a one-time configuration for the target device.

Monitor Instagram

Use FoneMonitor dashboard to view all their private Instagram messages.

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FoneMonitor gives you complete control over their private Instagram data

With FoneMonitor, you can see each and every thing they do on Instagram. You can view any message that is sent or received from their Instagram account. This even includes any media files they share or receive.

instagram spy

Once you have followed the steps above to configure FoneMonitor, you get access to your FoneMonitor dashboard. All the features of FoneMonitor are available on this dashboard. The Instagram Monitoring feature is present under the 'Social Media Apps' tab on the dashboard.

FoneMonitor's Instagram tracker shows you each and every Instagram message of their account, that too in real-time. If they send or receive a message right in this moment, your FoneMonitor dashboard will update it just at that second.

You also have the feature to download their private Instagram messages or archieve them to view later. The logs can also be saved to your own computer, the options are endless.

Instagram Spying is Indispensable

Instagram spying is a feature that each and everyone requested, for one reason or the other. Whether you want to protect your family or your workplace, Instagram spying can come in handy for each and every role.

Employee Monitoring

No company wants their private secrets to go online or be accessed by competitors. This is why employers should monitor the Instagram account of their employees, to make sure that their employees are not sharing any restricted data privately or publicly.

Instagram Monitor Must for Children

Parents are the primary user of FoneMonitor's Instagram spying app. This is because all children, especially teenagers, are on Instagram nowadays. At the same time, there are also countless negative elements of society on the platform.

In order to be of the best use to parents, FoneMonitor has created its interface very simple and easy to use. Even the most inexperienced parents will face no trouble in using FoneMonitor, thanks to its design

Instagram Spying Without Root or Jailbreak

While FoneMonitor gives you all of their private Instagram messages, it does not ask you to root or jailbreak their device in the process. This is made possible by the high-end design that is used by FoneMonitor's creators.

FoneMonitor's Hidden Instagram Spy App

When it comes to FoneMonitor, stealth is the #1 priority. FoneMonitor makes sure that the phone owner does not find out you are reading their Instagram messages or tracking their phone in any way. Therefore, you can track any of their data while being carefree.

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