Secret SMS Spying With FoneMonitor

Text Message Monitor

Read all their SMS chats, whether it is sent or received messages.

Learn the contact details of all the people they SMS with.

  • View all their iMessages if they use an iPhone.
  • Read any message even if it is deleted or undelivered.
  • See any media files shared through messages such as MMS.
  • Do all this without the need to root or jailbreak their phone.

Monitor Messages in 3 Simple Steps


Create a FoneMonitor account completely free.


Follow FoneMonitor's instructions to set it up for the target device.

Read SMS Messages

Use FoneMonitor's dashboard to read all their SMS and iMessages.

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Remote Message Interception

SMS messages can contain a lot of information that you must know. People use SMS if internet is unavailable or for authentication purposes. FoneMonitor's SMS monitor will show you all they do through SMS messages. Use the 'Messages' and 'iMessages' tab on the left hand side of their dashboard to read their private messages

spy on text messages with FoneMonitor

Parental Monitoring

FoneMonitor's Message monitor tells you all that you should know about your child. You can even view the OTPs on their messages and login into any of your child's account using Message monitor.

Worker Monitoring

Companies can use Message monitor to track their employees as well. Find out if your employees are texting during work hours, or learn about their login credentials using FoneMonitor.

Two Factor Authentication

FoneMonitor shows you the username and password of any account that the person uses. However, most platforms now employ the two-factor authentication, which needs OTP to work. The Message Monitor module shows you the OTP that they receive on their device, which you can use to login into any of their account.

No Need to Root or Jailbreak

FoneMonitor makes it possible to access all their private messages without the need to root or jailbreak their device. It is made possible by the cutting-edge technology employed in creating FoneMonitor.

Message Tracking While Being Hidden

When you are using FoneMonitor to read someone's cell phone messages, there is no chance that they will find out about it. This is because FoneMonitor's design entirely revolves around stealth.

Anyone can use FoneMonitor due to simplicity of its interface. Try it today and monitor all their messages right away!.

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