WhatsApp Spying With FoneMonitor

WhatsApp Spy

Read all private messages of someone's WhatsApp account.

View their every little WhatsApp activity:

  • Read all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages.
  • See any media files (pictures and videos) they share on WhatsApp.
  • View all their WhatsApp contacts along with display picture.
  • All of this is possible without the need to root or jailbreak.

WhatsApp Monitoring in 3 Simple Steps

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Signup for FoneMonitor using your email address.


Follow FoneMonitor's on-screen instructions to set it up for target phone

Read WhatsApp Messages

Use your FoneMonitor dashboard to read all of their private WhatsApp messages.

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All Their Secrets On Your Screen

Most people, including your children, use WhatsApp as their primary method of communication. Therefore, in order to know most of the things about them, a simple glimpse into their WhatsApp messages will do.

FoneMonitor shows you the people your kid talks to and everything they talk about. If they are talking to strangers, sharing inappropriate pictures, or getting bullied online, you will know about it before any damage is caused. All thanks to FoneMonitor!

A lot of employees use WhatsApp monitoring as well in order to find out what their employees talk about the company. Employers can learn if the employees are sharing company secrets with any competitors or slacking off at work.

FoneMonitor has made WhatsApp spying so easy that it is surprising. Try out FoneMonitor today!

WhatsApp spy

WhatsApp Spying Without Them Knowing

FoneMonitor's WhatsApp spying solution is designed to offer safe and secure WhatsApp spying. You can view everything they do on their WhatsApp account, even if they delete their chats.

Once you are done with setting up FoneMonitor (which takes a couple of minutes only), you get access to the FoneMonitor dashboard. The WhatsApp monitor feature is present here under the 'Social Media Apps' tab.

All the WhatsApp messages of the user are present here and organised on a conversation basis. The messages also have added details such as timestamps and identity of the contacts.

FoneMonitor even shows the messages and chats that they have deleted. There is also the option to archive WhatsApp messages and download it to your system, for viewing them later at any time.

No Root or Jailbreak

FoneMonitor does not require you to root or jailbreak the target device in order to work. It uses a top of the line technology to make sure all its features work without any added requirements.

100% Hidden WhatsApp Spy

When you are using FoneMonitor, there is no chance that the target user will catch you monitoring their WhatsApp data. This is made possible by FoneMonitor's Stealth mode, which works for both Android and iOS devices.

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