LINE Spying Without Them Knowing

LINE Spy App

Monitor their entire LINE conversations online.

See their entire LINE activity without them knowing.

  • Check their private as well as their group messages.
  • View their entire LINE contact list.
  • See any media files they share on LINE messenger.
  • View their LINE data remotely from any web browser.

Read LINE Chats in 3 Simple Steps


Create a FoneMonitor account for free.


Follow FoneMonitor's guidelines to configure it for the target phone.

View LINE Messages

Use FoneMonitor's dashboard to see their entire LINE messages.

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Monitor LINE Messages Easily

Viewing their LINE messages is quite easy with FoneMonitor. You can do it from any web browser of any device you use, be it a phone, tablet, or a computer. You just need to configure FoneMonitor for the first time.

Once you have configured FoneMonitor, you can find the 'LINE' section under the 'Social Media Apps' tab on the left hand side of the dashboard. All their LINE data is available here.

The best part is that anyone can use FoneMonitor without learning any advanced skills. FoneMonitor's dashboard is as simple as surfing the internet online. Therefore, you will face no trouble while using it.

LINE Monitoring is Crucial

LINE is one of the most commonly used messaging platforms. There is a good chance that your loved ones are on it, talking to other people. It is quite a good possibility that some of these people are strangers, especially strangers they should stay away from. In these cases, it is important to protect your children from these people.

This is where FoneMonitor comes into play. FoneMonitor shows you exactly what your child is doing on the internet. You can know if they are talking to someone suspicious, and you can control what they share with them.

LINE monitoring is even useful for businesses as well. Many businesses use LINE as the default messaging app for the company. FoneMonitor lets business owners find out what their employees do on LINE and if they are harming the company in any way through their LINE activity.

FoneMonitor's LINE monitoring is a feature hard to find anywhere else. Use FoneMonitor today and enjoy the benefits you get!

Monitor LINE Without Root or Jailbreak

Using FoneMonitor does not require you to root or jailbreak the target device. FoneMonitor is created by the best minds globally, which is why it is able to accomplish what other apps fail to provide.

Secret LINE Monitoring

FoneMonitor is all about stealth, which makes sure that you do not get caught reading someone's LINE messages. Even if you are keeping track of their messages in real-time, they will have no idea about it, all thanks to FoneMonitor.

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