Monitor Their Media Files Remotely

View Their Pictures and Videos Online

FoneMonitor shows you each and every picture and video on their phone.

You even get access to any gallery file that they have marked hidden.

  • Save any picture or video of their phone to your system for later viewing
  • Even view the files that they have deleted from their own phone.
  • Access the pictures and videos captured from their camera.
  • See added gallery details such as timestamps and geotags.

Gallery Monitoring in 3 Simple Steps


Create a free FoneMonitor account with your email.


FoneMonitor's instructions will help you in configuring it for the target device.

View Their Gallery Files

See all the pictures and videos of their phone through FoneMonitor's dashboard.

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Instant Gallery Viewer Online

After the first time setup that lasts for about two to three minutes, FoneMonitor gives you instant access to their phone gallery at any time. You can access their gallery from the web browser of any device, through your FoneMonitor dashboard.

The FoneMonitor dashboard can be accessed by logging into your account through the FoneMonitor's website. The pictures of their device can be found under the 'Photos' tab. The videos are available under the 'Video Preview' tab.

Every media file comes with added details such as the date and time when the picture was taken. FoneMonitor also shows the geo location if it is available for that media file

For videos, you can also view the thumbnails to get a glimpse of the video's content.

Learn the Secrets Their Pictures Hide

Finding out about the kind of pictures your child stores on their phone can tell you what kind of content they visit, share, or receive. It can be very important to keep your child out of harm's way.

If someone is sending inappropriate content to your kid or if your kid is sending it to someone, you can know about it as soon as it happens. This helps in protecting your child against online exploitation, which they might not understand due to their young age.

Business admins also use FoneMonitor's Gallery viewer to protect a company's interests. With the Gallery viewer, employers can know if the workers have captured any pictures of some company's secrets that they are not allowed to capture.

FoneMonitor is the best way to view someone's gallery without their knowledge. Try it out today!

No Need to Root or Jailbreak

FoneMonitor does not require that you root or jailbreak the target phone in order to work. It shows you each and every photo and video on their phone without making any additional requirements. This makes it the perfect gallery viewing application for users.

Spy on a Phone's Gallery Secretly

FoneMonitor is created so as to give you someone's data without them knowing. This, coupled with the fact that it does not require rooting or jailbreaking, makes FoneMonitor completely hidden and reliable application.

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