FoneMonitor's Phonebook Monitoring

FoneMonitor's Phonebook Monitoring

FoneMonitor shows you everything they have saved on their phone's contact list, be it names, phone numbers, addresses, display pictures, and more.

Find out caller ID of any suspicious contact in call logs.

  • Flag any contacts on which you have any doubts
  • View any other data that is saved with the contact
  • See the display picture of the contact

Contacts Monitoring in 3 Simple Steps


Create a FoneMonitor account with a subscription for target phone.


FoneMonitor's on-screen instructions will setup FoneMonitor for you

View Contacts

All their contact information is accessible on your FoneMonitor dashboard.

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Remote Phonebook Access

After you create an account on FoneMonitor for the target phone (Android or iOS), FoneMonitor's setup wizard launches. It will guide you through the configuration process which barely lasts for two minutes.

After FoneMonitor is configured, you are taken to your personalized dashboard from where all the features of FoneMonitor operate. To use any feature, you just need to click on its tab on the left hand side. The Phonebook entries are present under the 'Contacts' tab.

Clicking on any contact in the dashboard will show the details linked to that contact, such as the phone number, display picture, name, call history, and more.

Learn About Their Acquiaintances

Through FoneMonitor's Contact monitoring, you always know about the people who are in your child's circle. It may be a harmless friend that they have in their school, or a suspicious stranger they met online.

Parents are not the only one who benefit from FoneMonitor's Phonebook Monitoring features. Employers use the Phonebook monitoring too in order to make sure that their employees do not have competitors' contacts saved on their phone.

To suit everyone's requirement, FoneMonitor's simple design allows everyone to use it regardless of their technical expertise. There is no advanced skill or knowledge needed in order to use FoneMonitor.

Rooting/Jailbreaking is Needless

Most apps that offer monitoring services for phones ask you to root or jailbreak the phone as Step 1. However, FoneMonitor does not make any such demands due to its advanced interface..

Hidden Phonebook Spying

To further step up its quality, FoneMonitor is created to be completely hidden at all times. If you are using FoneMonitor, there is no chance that the target user will find out you are monitoring their location. This gives even more incentive to use FoneMonitor.

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